Apr 26, 2023, 5:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Join us this month at our hackathon, where you'll have the opportunity to get hands-on experience using APIs with the latest tools and best practices in application development. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, this is your chance to improve your skills, build with us, give feedback, and take your abilities to the next level.


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About this event

Are you a female developer or want to be a developer? Have used APIs or want to use APIs in your development? Are you eager to get hands-on experience using APIs with the latest tools and best practices in application development?

Well, this hackathon is for you.

Why? You get to gain skills in:

  • Introduction to APIs: An overview of what APIs are, how they work, and their importance in modern software development.
  • API design and documentation: Best practices and what to look for in APIs documentation and design.
  • API security: Techniques for securing APIs keys and unique identifiers.
  • API testing: Strategies for testing APIs.
  • Real-world API examples: Using our Africa'sTalking APIs we show you real case studies and examples of successful API implementations.


  • Create a project that solves a real life problem that women are facing in the current times. It could be  and not limited to a web or mobile application. Utilizing one or more of our Africa'sTalking APIs i.e. SMS, USSD, AiRTIME, VOICE.

NB: Carry a laptop


  • SMS API: Enables sending and receiving SMS messages in over 200 countries, including two-way communication and shortcodes.
  • Voice API: Enables making and receiving voice calls, as well as text-to-speech and speech-to-text functionality.
  • Airtime API: Enables purchasing and sending airtime to mobile phones in over 100 countries.
  • USSD API: Enables creating interactive USSD menus, which can be used for services like surveys, quizzes, and mobile banking.


  • API documentation and tutorials: You can refer to Africa's Talking API documentation and tutorials to learn how to use the APIs effectively here.
  • Sample code: Africa's Talking provides sample code for various programming languages to help participants get started with using the APIs SMS here, USSD here, Airtime here, Voice here

Submit your Idea:

Hackathon idea submission form.

The winning solution will receive cash prizes as follows:

  • Winner - $100
  • 1st Runners Up - $50
  • 2nd Runners Up - $25

NB: More exclusive prizes and giveaways to attendees.


  • Gain market ready Skills
  • Network
  • Innovate
  • Access to our Talent bench (You can get a job or a gig on the spot)

Solution Criteria:

  • Use of Africa's Talking API: How effectively the project utilizes one or more of the Africa's Talking APIs i.e. SMS, USSD, AIRTIME, VOICE.
  • Innovation: The originality and creativity of the project idea and implementation.
  • User Experience: How well the project meets user needs and provides an intuitive and seamless experience.
  • Functionality: How well the project performs the intended functionality and handles errors and edge cases.
  • Presentation: The clarity and effectiveness of the project demonstration and pitch.

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Africa's Talking powers communications solutions across Africa with simplified access to telco infrastructure, developers use our powerful SMS, USSD, Voice, Airtime, and Payments APIs to bring their ideas to life, as they build and sustain scalable businesses.

Africa's Talking community allows developers to learn skills for the modern-day African Developer. We are language and framework agnostic. All developers are welcome. This is where Africa's Talking developers community meets to build, learn and exchange knowledge.

We are helping software developers and businesses to bring their ideas to life through easy-to-use APIs quickly.

Everyone is welcome!


  • We provide transport to our office from Jeevanjee Garden and back to town.
  • Note that Jeevanjee Garden Departure time is at 8:00 AM (kindly keep time).


  • Loise Kimwe

    Africa's Talking

    Software Engineer | WIT Lead


Introductions and Orientation
API workshop session
Project Overview and Ideation
Hands-On hackathon
Demonstration and Wrap-up


  • Loise Kimwe

    AT WIT Lead

  • Sylvia Jebet Kipkemoi


    Developer Relations


  • Tumi Moagi

    Africa's Talking

    South Africa Lead

  • Mariam Koné

    West Africa Lead

  • Lontia Nkhuwa

    Zambia Lead

  • Barke Said

    Kenya Co-Lead

  • Sylvia Kipkemoi

    Kenya Co-Lead

  • Cynthia Moraa

    AT WIT Kenya Community Lead

  • Joanita Nakityo

    AT WIT Uganda Community Lead