May 31, 2023, 5:30 AM – 4:00 PM

This hackathon is an inclusive event aimed at empowering women in the field of technology to create innovative solutions that address safety and security challenges faced by women. The hackathon will provide a platform for participants to collaborate, learn, and develop practical solutions that enhance the safety and security of women in various aspects of their lives.



About this event

Security is a crucial factor that significantly impacts women in both the digital and physical spaces.

Have you ever considered the potential of leveraging 2G technology (USSD, SMS, Voice, Airtime) to enhance the protection of women? How do you envision improving your security across various aspects of your life?

This is a dynamic event designed to harness the power of technology and creativity to tackle pressing issues related to women's safety and security. Let us join together as women from diverse backgrounds in the tech industry, such as developers, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate, share ideas, and work in teams to develop innovative solutions that address the specific challenges faced by women in terms of safety and security.

Using APIs, participants will be able to brainstorm solutions tailored for them, and use the industry best practices to bring scalable and applicable solution to life.

Throughout the hackathon, participants will have access to experts who will provide guidance and support as they develop their solutions. The hackathon will conclude in a pitching session where participants will present their solutions to everyone, who will evaluate and provide feedback on the projects.

The winning solution will receive cash prizes as follows:

  • Winner - $100
  • 1st Runners Up - $50
  • 2nd Runners Up - $25

NB: More exclusive prizes and giveaways to attendees.


  • Gain market ready Skills
  • Network
  • Innovate
  • Access to our Talent bench (You can get a job or a gig on the spot)

Submit your Idea:

Hackathon idea submission form

Solution Criteria:

  • Use of Africa's Talking API: How effectively the project utilizes one or more of the Africa's Talking APIs i.e. SMS, USSD, AIRTIME, VOICE.
  • Innovation: The originality and creativity of the project idea and implementation.
  • User Experience: How well the project meets user needs and provides an intuitive and seamless experience.
  • Functionality: How well the project performs the intended functionality and handles errors and edge cases.
  • Presentation: The clarity and effectiveness of the project demonstration and pitch.

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  • We provide transport to our office from Jeevanjee Garden and back to town.
  • Note that Jeevanjee Garden Departure time is at 8:00 AM (kindly keep time).


Registration and Welcome
Problem Statement Presentation
Team Formation and Ideation
Hands-On hackathon
Demonstration and Wrap-up


  • Loise Kimwe

    AT WIT Lead

  • Sylvia Jebet Kipkemoi

    Africa's Talking

    Developer Relations, WIT Lead


  • Cynthia Moraa

    AT WIT Kenya Community Lead

  • Joanita Nakityo

    AT WIT Uganda Community Lead