PropTech Hackathon Uganda: Advancing Property Technology Solutions

Nov 25, 2023, 6:50 AM – 3:30 PM

Join the PropTech Hackathon on Nov 25, 2023, at Africa's Talking Kampala. Innovate property technology solutions, win cash prizes, and network with industry professionals. Come and let's shape the future of secure, efficient, and sustainable living in Uganda #PropertyTech


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About this event

The PropTech Hackathon, set for November 25, 2023, at the Africa's Talking office in Kampala, is one-day, in-person event designed to bring together tech enthusiasts, software engineers, developers, and entrepreneurs. The focus of this event is on property technology, a rapidly evolving sector that blends real estate with cutting-edge technology. Participants will have the opportunity to leverage Africa's Talking APIs, including USSD, SMS, Airtime and Data, and Voice, to develop innovative solutions in this field.

Here's a breakdown of how each API can be used:

  • USSD API: This can be utilized to create applications that enable property searches, inquiries, or transactions via USSD codes. This is especially useful in regions with limited internet access, allowing broader reach and accessibility in the real estate market.
  • SMS API: The SMS API can be instrumental in sending real-time notifications about new property listings, updates on property transactions, or alerts about changes in the real estate market. This provides a simple and effective way to keep users informed.
  • Airtime and Data: This API could be used to reward users who engage with the property platform, such as by rewarding them with airtime or data packages for listing their properties, referring new users, or completing certain actions within the app.
  • Voice API: The Voice API can be integrated to facilitate real-time voice communications between property agents and potential buyers or renters. It can also be used for automated voice notifications or surveys to collect feedback from users.

Overall, these APIs, your innovation and other existing technology will offer a powerful toolkit for hackathon participants to create innovative solutions that address various challenges in the property technology space, enhancing the efficiency, accessibility, and user experience in the real estate market.

Event Details

  • Date: 25th November 2023
  • Time: 9:00 am to 7:30 pm
  • Location: Africa’s Talking, Acacia Place, 4th floor, John Babiha (Acacia) Ave, Kampala
  • Theme: Property Technology (Protect)

Themes for Solution Development:

Participants will be encouraged to develop solutions that address the following themes:

  • Smart Security Solutions: Innovations to enhance property security through technology.
  • Efficient Property Management Systems: Tech-driven solutions for seamless property management.
  • Sustainable Building Practices: Initiatives promoting eco-friendly and sustainable property development.
  • Community-Driven Solutions: Projects that foster community engagement within property environments.

Target Audience:

  • Software Engineers
  • Developers interested in property technology
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Property Management Professionals
  • Students 


  • Develop technology-based solutions contributing to the advancement of property technology in Africa.
  • Foster collaboration and networking among participants from diverse backgrounds.
  • Promote community-driven property technology initiatives.
  • Raise awareness about sustainable property best practices.


The winning solution will receive cash prizes as follows:

  • Winner: $100
  • 1st Runners Up: $50
  • 2nd Runners Up: $25


1. Warm-Up:

  • Introductions
  • Team Formation
  • Feedback and Feature Requests

2. Building/Hacking:

Note: This section needs additional setup.

  • GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket Coding
  • Docker/Automated CI/Travis CI/Bamboo Deployment
  • Upon commit, the repository is built and deployed to an accessible web server or an S3 bucket.
3. Demonstration and Wrap-up:
  • Demo of Developed Solutions
  • Feedback and Adoption Opportunities

Note: Carry a laptop


  • Networking
  • Innovation
  • Access to Talent Bench (Job or Gig Opportunities)

Submit Your Idea:

Protect Hackathon Idea Submission Form


Fill out the Gig/Hack Developer Portfolio Form for potential collaboration opportunities.

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  • Mark Ssembajjwe

    Africa's Talking

    Technical support


  • Mark Ssembajjwe

    Africa's Talking

    Technical support

  • David Okwii


    Software Developer/ Product Manager, A.T Uganda Community Lead

  • Natwijuka Isophel

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Saturday, November 25, 2023
6:50 AM – 3:30 PM UTC


Registrations, Checkin and Introductions
Lunch Break
Demonstration and Wrap-up


  • Mark Ssembajjwe

    Africa's Talking

    Technical support


  • Bennett Benedict

    University of Dar Es Salaam

    Tanzania, Community Lead,

  • Veronica Michael

    Tanzania, Community Lead

  • Jessica Randall

    University of the Western Cape

    South Africa Community Lead

  • Josphat Mwangi

    Kenya Community Lead

  • Sheriffo Jarju

    Community Lead Gambia

  • Isophel Natwijuka

    Uganda Community Lead

  • Sanusi Abdulkadir

    Nigeria Kaduna Community Lead

  • Avuzwa Ntshongwana

    South Africa Community Co-Lead

  • Josh Venceslas

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