Microservice and Monolithic Architecture: Nairobi, Kenya

Feb 1, 2:30 – 5:00 PM

Decoding Microservice and Monolithic Architectures for Software Innovation in Africa. Reserve Your Spot to Shape the Future of Development!


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About this event

Decoding Microservice and Monolithic Architectures. Join us for an immersive exploration as we unravel the intricacies of these architectural paradigms, delving into their implications, challenges, and potential impact on Africa's rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Event Highlights:

  • Architectural Deep Dive: Gain a comprehensive understanding of Microservice and Monolithic architectures. Explore their core principles, advantages, and unique applications, with a focus on how they can drive innovation in African software development.
  • Overcoming Development Challenges: Address the practical aspects of implementing Microservice and Monolithic architectures. Learn from case studies, analyze common pitfalls, and discover strategies to navigate challenges encountered during the software development process.
  • Real-World Success Stories: Hear firsthand from industry pioneers and tech innovators who have successfully employed Microservice or Monolithic approaches. Discover inspiring success stories that showcase the transformative potential of these architectures in an African context.
  • Panel Discussion with Experts: Engage in a dynamic panel discussion featuring experienced professionals, architects, and developers. Explore insights into best practices, emerging trends, and the role of Microservice and Monolithic architectures in shaping the future of African tech.
  • Hands-On Practical: Immerse yourself in practical workshops designed to provide a hands-on experience. Gain valuable insights and skills that you can immediately apply to your software development projects
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow developers, tech enthusiasts, and potential collaborators. Forge partnerships that could accelerate your projects and contribute to Africa's tech renaissance.

Who Should Attend:

  • Software Developers and Engineers
  • Tech Architects and Designers
  • Entrepreneurs and Tech Startup Founders
  • Students and Educators in Software Engineering
  • Anyone intrigued by the future of software development in Africa


  • Knowledge Enrichment
  • Networking and Collaboration
  • Skill Enhancement:
  • Refreshments to fuel your discussions


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  • Meshack Mwaura

    Canary Technologies

    Senior Engineer


  • Michael Kimathi

    Africa's Talking

    Head of Developer Community Africa

  • Sylvia Jebet Kipkemoi

    Africa's Talking

    Developer Relations


  • Josphat Mwangi


    Community Lead Nairobi

Featured Attendees

  • Samuel Tarus


    Software Engineer

  • Martin Kariukie



  • Shadrack Meoli


    Full stack developer

  • Killian Nthakyo

    iMobi Technology Labs Ltd.




Thursday, February 1, 2024
2:30 PM – 5:00 PM UTC


Arrival and CheckIn
Practical and use case
Networking and Refreshments


  • Josphat Mwangi

    Africa's Talking

    Community Lead Nairobi

  • Sylvia Jebet Kipkemoi


    Developer Relations


  • Bennett Benedict

    University of Dar Es Salaam

    Tanzania, Community Lead,

  • Veronica Michael

    Tanzania, Community Lead

  • Jessica Randall

    University of the Western Cape

    South Africa Community Lead

  • Josphat Mwangi

    Kenya Community Lead

  • Sheriffo Jarju

    Community Lead Gambia

  • Isophel Natwijuka

    Uganda Community Lead

  • Sanusi Abdulkadir

    Nigeria Kaduna Community Lead

  • Avuzwa Ntshongwana

    South Africa Community Co-Lead

  • Josh Venceslas

    Altech Group

    Co-Lead: Rwanda Community

  • David Okwii


    Africa's Talking Community UG Co-Lead