Fireside Chat with Mr Ifeanyi Morah: Financial Inclusion.

Africa's Talking Community

Nov 22, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM



About this event

Mr Ifeanyi Morah is a Software developer, Blockchain developer and a person with strong believe in emerging technologies and tools. He serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Yaada technologies, a fintech company addressing financial inclusion through USSD technology. Additionally he is the Founder of Schoolmo a school management system designed to enhance the learning experience.

"Ever found yourself pondering over how to implement and know about Financial Inclusion? Join us with Ifeanyi Morah, Co-Founder/CEO of Yaada Technologies who has experience in building this kind of solution in the hot seat. Ask those burning questions that keep you awake at night about Financial Inclusion. It's more than an event - it's a chance to network and learn.

You will also gain knowledge on how to leverage Africa's Talking USSD API and Payment API in solving financial inclusion.


  • Welcome and Ice Breakers
  • Fireside chat with Ifeanyi Morah
  • AMA
  • Networking


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  • Financial Inclusion Career

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  • Ifeanyi Morah

    Yaada Technologies

    Co-Founder & CEO


  • Faith M Robert

    Web3 Developer



Wednesday, November 22, 2023
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM UTC


10:00 AMWelcome, Introductions and Check-In
10:15 AMIntroductions
10:30 AMFireside chat with Ifeanyi Morah
11:15 AMAMA
11:30 AMNetworking


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