Mar 11, 2023, 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Join Africa’s Talking and Atlassian Community Dar-es-salaam at our first in-person mini-summit created to facilitate collaboration and innovation between our customers and industry at all levels. Learn customer engagement best practices by creating solutions that grow your business. Please RSVP if you are in/make it to Dar-es-salaaam. Get your ticket!



About this event

Please RSVP if you are in/will make it to Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.

Join Africa's Talking in collaboration with Atlassian Community at our first in-person mini-summit created to facilitate collaboration and innovation between our customers and industry at all levels to create, learn and develop solutions for scalability that directly impact business success.

The mini-summit provides an intimate engagement space where the dev community, businesses, developers, and Africa's Talking collaborate with one another and the industry to share successes and identify capability gaps that address mission-critical communications needs.

AT is engaging her ecosystem of developers, public and private sector for the first time at a customer & developer engagement mini-summit in Dar-es-salaam, this February 2023.

The purpose of the mini-summit, For Developers, is:

Engage with Developer communities in Dar-es-salaam

Engage with Startup Hubs in Dar-es-salaam

Engage with Public and Private Universities in Dar-es-salaam

Recruit developers for Open Source

Share team and collaboration best practices

Run an Open Hackathon with Developers

The purpose of the mini-summit, For Startups, is:

Introduce AT Dev Shop

Organize a hiring/talent bench

Showcase AT Products for Dar-es-salaam

Showcase Plug & Play Customer Engagement Solutions on AT

Add startups on the AT Marketplace

Highlight the AT platform progress across Africa

Highlight and Atlassian tools.

The purpose of the mini-summit, For AT Customers, is:

Celebrate Current customers

Get direct feedback from customers on AT platform

Showcase customer stories on the AT platforms

Provide a collision space for the AT ecosystem

Agenda :


Atlassian Collaboration tools

Africa's Talking APIs

Hands-On hackathon

The winning solution will receive cash prizes as follows:

1. Winner - $50

2. 1st Runners Up - $25

3. 2nd Runners Up - $20




Form teams where need be.

Feature requests

Building/hacking: Code in GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket and deploy in Docker/Automated CI/Travis CI/Bamboo

Note: This section needs additional setup.

Upon commit, the repository is built and deployed to an accessible web server or an S3 bucket.

Demonstration and Wrap-up

Teams or individuals will demo what they have hacked for feedback or adoption

Submit your Idea: Hackathon idea submission form

Carry a Laptop

The underlying benefits of the mini-summit include:

Thought leadership sessions from distinguished speakers

Networking with the community, our customers and ATeam

New feature releases

Dedicated working groups to identify gaps and develop solutions

Presentations from our experts in tactical communications deployments

Expert presentations

Africa’s Talking API platform now serves over 115,000 developers and 6000+ businesses across Africa and beyond.

Africa's Talking community allows developers to learn skills for the modern-day African Developer. We are language and framework agnostic. All developers are welcome. This is where Africa's Talking developers community meets to build, learn and exchange knowledge.

Atlassian Community Dar -  was created in November 2022 and the community has gradually grown to 67 participants in the last 3months. We do have a diversity of talent and expertise within our community. let's take advantage of each other's expertise. If you've got a topic to present or questions you need to be answered, we're here to help. RSVP to our next meeting or join the group to be notified of upcoming events and Atlassian Community news.

We are helping software developers and businesses bring their ideas to life through easy-to-use APIs.

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Saturday, March 11, 2023
6:00 AM – 3:00 PM UTC


Atlassian Collaboration tools
Africa's Talking APIs
Hands-On hackathon
Demonstration and Wrap-up


  • Bennett Benedict

    University of Dar Es Salaam

    Tanzania, Community Lead,

  • Veronica Michael

    Tanzania, Community Lead

  • Jessica Randall

    University of the Western Cape

    South Africa Community Lead

  • Josphat Mwangi

    Kenya Community Lead

  • Sheriffo Jarju

    Community Lead Gambia

  • Isophel Natwijuka

    Uganda Community Lead

  • Sanusi Abdulkadir

    Nigeria Kaduna Community Lead

  • Avuzwa Ntshongwana

    South Africa Community Co-Lead

  • Josh Venceslas

    Altech Group

    Co-Lead: Rwanda Community

  • David Okwii


    Africa's Talking Community UG Co-Lead

  • Cynthia Moraa

    WIT Kenya Co-Lead

  • Michael Adedayo

    Africa's Talking

    Community Lead Lagos

  • Alexander Ikeh

    Community Co-Lead Abuja

  • Aaron Ujah

    Community Co-Lead Abuja

  • Nnamdi Azubuike

    Community Co-Lead Lagos

  • Roland Ganafa

    Africa'sTalking Uganda

    Co-Founder & Director

  • Stanislaus Sakwiya

    MlimiPay Limited

    Malawi, Community Lead


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