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Are you fascinated by the potential of artificial intelligence to transform lives globally? Excited to be part of building an AI-enabled future that works for all? Join our growing community of passionate learners exploring the latest advances in machine learning.

From filtering photos on your phone to getting personalized recommendations, AI is already part of our daily lives. But this technology has the power to do so much more - from improving healthcare and education, to supporting small businesses and sustainable development.

At our community, we believe AI belongs to all of us. We want more people to understand how these systems work beneath the surface, so we can ensure they are developed and applied responsibly, for the benefit of humanity.

Tired of feeling left out of the tech conversation? Want to gain practical skills that are in high demand globally? Our online workshops and hands-on projects will give you the tools to become an AI maker rather than just a user. You can learn how to build basic machine learning models from industry experts, and work on real challenges facing communities.

Join us to be part of an exciting movement - shaping the future of technology. Through collaboration and knowledge-sharing, together we can unlock AI's full potential for good. What are you waiting for? Let's start leveraging the power of data and codes to change lives. Register now to get involved!

Empowering Developers to build, co-create, network and scale. Supporting the developer community globally to successfully create, grow, and sustain great businesses.

Upcoming events

7 may 2024

In-Person Event

AT AI/ML Community - Taming the Power of Data: From Predictions to Computer Vision

Get ready for an amazing journey into the world of data and machine learning! In this thrilling meetup, we'll embark on a mission to train a computer to foresee whether bank clients are likely to stop using a service, and so much more. Meetup Theme - Taming the Power of Data: From Predictions to Computer Vision Grab your ticket today!

Past events

In-Person Event

AT AI/ML Community - Data Mastery: Collect, Organize, and Unleash the Power of Information

In-Person Event

AT AI/ML Community Launch: Data Science: The hottest Career of the Century


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Data Scientist
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Dev Rel Associate, AT Women in Tech Co-Lead